GEED Platform


A turnkey audio guide solution :

  • a diffusion case
  • a multilingual audio guide application
  • a communication kakemono
  • access to the administration backoffice

... an affordable cost
in investment and operation

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The Audio-guide remains the easiest way to accurately locate points of interest in a space. This is why Livdeo designed the AUDIO GEED-UP offer.

Audio GEED-UP is an audio-enhanced guide offering all the advantages of an audio tour without the disadvantages. It operates in offline mode and the visitor uses it with his own smartphone or tablet without installing an application and without geographical limits.

With AUDIO GEED-UP, no more constraints related to the provision of audio boxes! All your existing audio content is refreshed and can be used anywhere.

The visitor does not have to prepare his visit before coming. A box installed at the reception desk allows him to download all the content at very high speed.

This autonomous box works without internet connection, a power supply is sufficient.

The site's mediation team has a back-office with which it will not only be able to update the content but also discover the extended functionalities of the GEED solution.

Evolutive, AUDIO GEED-UP invites you to create your own complete tour itineraries with videos, photos, virtual reality, games, mapping. Regular updates of the back office will give you the opportunity to discover and get to grips with our latest innovations.


Audio GEED-UP Advantages

Benefits for visitors

  • a great fluidity and great comfort of use
  • an experience close to a private guide
  • no application to install
  • no need to prepare your visit in advance
  • no need for internet access
  • no additional roaming costs for foreigners
  • content presented in a web app via the user's browser taking into account accessibility settings
  • many languages available as an option (including sign language)

Benefits for the establishment

  • no terminals to provide or manage, (no more cleaning, battery charging, breakage, storage, handling of storage boxes, terminal updates, etc.)
  • compatible with all visitor terminals
  • possibility to reuse existing content
  • very simple updates
  • durability and scalability
  • statistical measures / marketing data
  • many languages available
  • centralized content management
  • no maintenance required
  • dissemination using universal HTML5 and WIFI standards
  • total control of the content and information disseminated

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