GEED Platform

visit experiences
without constraints

for your cultural institution

The GEED platform awarded at the 2019 GLAMi Awards in Boston with the project of the Museum of Fine Arts & Archaeology in Besançon

GLAMi Awards

Free yourself
from constraints !

No more limitations
on mobile visit apps

No Internet connection needed

No internet connection required for visitors.

No App "Stores"

Access to the visit application instantly, without prior download from an app "store".

No space constraints

The application is loaded on the fly in visitors' terminals.
The amount of available medias has no more limits.

For all mobile devices

The visit application uses Internet standards and is compatible with all smartphones and tablets of your visitors.

For all languages

The application is multilingual.
Add new languages and content on your own.

No obsolescence

Autonomous administration, robust GEED network and visit application built on web standards (html5, javascript, css, webgl).

Open up<br />new horizons

Open up
new horizons

Take control
of your organization

Open up<br />new horizons

Autonomous management

A centralized administration in autonomy allowing you to manage all aspects of your application scenarios

New strategy

Rethink your digital mediation without the constraints of applications distributed through "App Stores", with a durable and scalable device

Rich features

An application with multiple scenarios and visit tours management by type of audience, accessibility, available time, themes

Choose a durable
and scalable solution

Choose a durable<br />and scalable solution

Easy to manage

Create your visit scenarios from the GEED backoffice and use customized application models.

Enter your texts material and upload multimedia content in an easy-to-use user interface.

One application, many possibilities

The visit application has rich features :

  • visit tours
  • videos
  • audios
  • virtual reality
  • multilingualism
  • accessibility
  • plans and maps with indoor positionning
  • image and object live recognition, etc.

Your create in autonomy

The management of the mediation material and the scenario of the visit application is carried out from a powerful and intuitive backoffice. Drag and drop your assets and they will be automatically encoded

Based on web standards

The visit application is built using the web standards HTML5, CSS, Javascript, WebGL.

Expandable coverage

The GEED network can be extended by adding new box servers and wifi access points. It covers from a room to an entire museum or an outdoor location.


Similar performances to native applications

The application is optimized for mobile devices and uses the hardware acceleration of the devices to ensure optimal performance.

Make the visit apps accessible to everyone

Inclusive apps for an universal accessibility

Make the visit apps accessible to everyone
Make the visit apps accessible to everyone

Accessibility for persons with disabilities

  • Sign Language
  • Spoken language completed
  • Audiodescription / Audioguidance
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Immersive discoveries in mixed reality

Digital accessibility

  • Compatible with current and future terminals
  • Rich and voluminous content
  • Performance equivalent to native applications
  • Functional applications in connected or disconnected mode

Accessibility for foreign visitors

  • Your translations
  • GEED automatic translation
  • Your sound recordings
  • Multilingual audio material generated from your texts (GEED text-to-speech)
    • Example of GEED text-to-speech audio (German)
    • Example of GEED text-to-speech audio (English)
    • Example of GEED text-to-speech audio (Italian)
    • Example of GEED text-to-speech audio (Russian)


Our solutions include camera based artworks recognition
with multilingual voice-over accessible through a web browser

Customize visit experiences

Customize visit experiences

Rich visit tours

Create visit tours by defining your stops and points of interest. Place them on multi levels museum maps and let visitors be notified on their proximity. For each tour define its type, duration, target audience and accessibility level.

Museum indoor positionning

LIVDEO has build an indoor positionning solution that works seamlessly for visitors.

There is no need to use a native mobile app and no e-beacons are involved in positionning process.

In addition, the GEED positionning solution is independent of future changes in the location of POIs in your venue.


Add gamification to your visit mobile apps by integrating interactive games and quests.

Manage the fun activities of the visit app from the GEED backoffice. Several game modules are available to you in order to create your customized games: quiz, find the intruder, puzzle, placement, visual identification, etc.


The Selfie module allows visitors to interact with the points of interest of your exhibitions. From the mobile webapp the visitor is invited to take selfies and integrate them into pre-designed image frames. The visitor can find all the selfies created on personalized "Visitor Albums" accessible on the Internet after his visit.


Augmented reality

Use augmented reality and virtual reality modules to dive the visitor in real or simulated environments associated with the POIs of your exhibitions. This module allows, for example, to display 3D reconstructions with the possibility for the visitor to "time travel" from the present to the past.


Plans and maps

Integrate multi-level plans and maps into your visit mobile app.

Manage POIs positionning on maps from the GEED BackOffice.

Communicate with and through your visitors

Communicate with and through your visitors

Visit notebook personal spaces are created for each visit session

Communicate with and through your visitors


  • Teasing visit / tours / visit app
  • Planning of tour
  • Agenda of events with automatic translation

During the visit

  • Real time visitors notification
  • Valuation of patrons and partners
  • Agenda of events with automatic translation


  • Visit notebook for your audiences
  • Automatic creation of personal experience videos
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Sharing experience


Understand your audiences

with statistical and behavioral analytics

Understand your audiences

Integrated usage statistics

Access a wide range of statistical information about your visitors and points of interest in your location.

An post-visit knowledge

The statistics on your visitors are completed with post-visit information.

GDPR compatible

The statistics are completely anonymous. The visit app, in the progressive web app format, is displayed using the web browser, which brings an additional dimension to the anonymity of visitors.


they trust us...

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