GEED Platform

Fast and instant access

to the visit application
for visitors' own mobile devices

Simple and unconstrained access

to the mobile visit app

Visitor information

The availability of the visit mobile app is communicated to visitors through various means:

  • communication by the reception staff
  • GEED connection cards printed with flashcodes and NFC
  • Android Nearby services
  • "my visit" logos on-site

No "store" downloads

The visit application appears on the visitor's terminal after connecting to the GEED network via wifi.

No download needed from a "store".

The visitor's "mobile data" internet connection is not used to access the visit application.

Captive wifi portal

When the mobile phone connects to the wifi network, a captive portal automatically appears.

This captive portal displays the link to the application and can display other informations for the visitor depending on the museum's communication needs

In the visitor's own language

The application is displayed directly in the visitor's own language.

Information cards

Information cards

for connection to the GEED network and the visit application

Information cards

In order to guarantee a simple access for all visitors, whatever their level of technical knowledge, we provide printed cards with connection instructions to the visit application as well as automatic triggering elements

The connection card is available in paper postcard format.

The connection procedure is described with simple instructions to follow.

A Flashcode also allows an automatic connection.

For devices with NFC, access can be made by approaching the smartphone to the card.