GEED Platform

Virtual Reality
and Augmented Reality

for immersive experiences
in your museum or heritage site

Virtual reality visit tours

without constraints for your visitors

Virtual reality scenes

The visit mobile app (PWA) integrates a 3D module allowing to display VR 360 scenes directly from the visitor's Web browser.

Thanks to the gyroscope and the acceleometer of the smartphone or tablet, the visitor is diving in the VR scene.

The interactive spots available on the VR scenes provide visitors access to extra rich content.

Time traveling

The VR scenes allow visitors to go from the present to the past and thus to dive into environments simulated in 3D.

Real / virtual matching is performed by using the camera of the mobile device for a guaranteed immersion experience.

Autonomy for VR scenes configuration

The GEED BackOffice includes a VR editor to design virtual reality scenes and connect them with tour stations.

The mediation team uploads 360 footage and sets the interactive spots.

Each interactive spot can have an information sheet consisting of multilingual text, images, sounds, videos.