GEED Platform

Visit experiences

build a communication strategy
before, during and after the visit

Visitor experience
as a communication vector

for each visitor
a digital visit notebook is generated

Pre-visit Experience

let visitors access visit teasing tours

A teasing journey

The pre-visit teasing tours are accessible through the Internet in the form of a PWA mobile app.

General information

The "pre-visit" apps include materials on museum's venue and agenda.

Unified management

The "pre-visit" teasing tour is built from the GEED backoffice in complete autonomy.

The "pre-visit" application is automatically generated and updates are instantaneous.

Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting / CDN of the "pre-visit" mobile app is provided as a service.

Embed codes

The "pre-visit" PWA mobile apps can be integrated into the museum website or on social networks with the help of a "iframe" embed code

Usage statistics

Anonymous statistics on "pre-visit" apps usage are available.

A link with the museum's visit application is integrated after acceptance by the visitor.

Post-Visit Experience

a solid foundation
for the museum's marketing strategy

Post-Visit Experience

Personal visit notebook

During the visit of the museum a personal cloud space is automatically created for each visitor.

The visit notebook virtual space presents the POIs seen by the visitor, the selfies he made during the visit and any comments he recorded during the visit.

Personal movie "Visit Experience"

From the POIs viewed, selfies and visitor comments, a personal movie is generated.

Each movie is unique and integrates content from the visit experience as well as the museum's communication medias.

on social networks

Visitors are encouraged to share on social networks the movie of their visit experience.

Sharing a personal video is more likely to be done than sharing a link, a photo or exhibition poster.