GEED Platform

GEED Hardware

to locally host and distribute
mobile visit apps and digital content
without constraints

A digital communication platform
deployed on your museum

to provide visit mobile apps,
digital signage
and touch tables

GEED "Bare metal"

A GEED platform independent of any network, located in your cultural institution.

A new wifi network is created, with no impact on existing wifi networks.

The "GEED" edge servers and associated wifi access points are installed on you museum.

Your institution's GEED platform hosts all medias and visit apps for on-the-fly, local broadcast.

GEED "Hybrid"

The GEED "Hybrid" platform uses an existing wifi network to distribute visit applications and digital information.

GEED box servers are physically installed in your institution and wired into your existing network.

The network security is guaranteed by the implementation of logical network separation strategies.

GEED box server use their own logical network and a dedicated VPN network for data synchronization, updates procedures and maintenance.

GEED "Cloud"

The GEED "Cloud " edition is fully cloud based for institutions with high quality Internet connection.

GEED box servers are virtualized and located outside the institution's network.

The access to the hosted visit apps is made through the internet connection of the institution.

A wifi network has to be available in the institution in order to grant visitors access to the PWA GEED mobile application.