GEED Platform

Artificial intelligence

for museum mediation
without connectivity constraints

Artificial intelligence solution

available on-site in your museum

New dimension of mediation

A new form of mediation, contextual, is possible, without the constraints of internet connection or downloading applications from a "store".

Visitors discover informations on artworks of the exhibitions in augmented reality, using the camera of their own smartphone or with mobiles devices on loan.

machine learning

The new generation GEED.AI boxes are available locally in the museum.

Automatic machine learning for image and object detection are provided locally, without no cloud services needed.

Autonomy of the museum

The mediation teams are autonomous in the selection of artworks that can be identified in augmented reality.

In GEED BackOffice, mediators import the pictures repersenting the artworks, regardless of their format. They input the descriptive information directly into a dedicated module.

An automated import procedure is also available alowing editors to batch import data from CSV file formats or OpenAccess APIs

Real-time updates

The mediation team has full freedom in the evolution of the artworks available in GEED.

Once imported on GEED BackOffice, the artworks are made available in the visit application (PWA) instantly.